Need a vacation? The Basque Country welcomes you to southwestern France. Located at the foot of the Pyrenees, it boasts breathtaking landscapes and reveals many points of interest and fun activities to do. Our campsite, camping Ibarron in St-Pée-sur-Nivelle, unveils a top 10 list of places to see in the Basque Country. From the beach to visiting each inland village, you will love these Basque places.

The 6 Must-See Villages in the Basque Country

Are you passing through southwestern France? Then what to do in the Basque Country? First step: explore the most beautiful villages in the region.


Sare is one of the must-see villages to visit in the Basque Country. Located south of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, this picturesque little village will amaze you. Contemplate its magnificent half-timbered houses and its church adorned with typical Basque galleries. Then, go hiking to discover the treasures of Labourd, starting from the coast.


Another village to see in the Basque Country during your stay in southwestern France: Ainhoa. A walk is essential to admire its impressive half-timbered houses. Don’t miss the tower bell of its church and the incredible view from the top of its calvary chapel.


Itxassou is another village to see in the French Basque Country. Located in the plain of the Urzumu and Mondarrain mountains, it is the ideal starting point for a nature hike with family or friends. On the way of this hike to do, you will cross the famous green valleys of the Basque Country and the breathtaking whitewater of the Nive.


This splendid little town in the Basque Country settles just a stone’s throw from the ocean. It is the perfect place for a calm day on the beach before returning to the hotel or camping to recharge your batteries. Many water activities can be practiced there (surfing, sailing, canoeing, etc.). Enjoy your beautiful vacation in the French Basque Country!


Add Espelette to the list of villages to see in the Basque Country. To reach it, head towards Biarritz, another flagship city of the Basque Country. Known for its famous pepper, Espelette is the meeting place for enthusiasts of local products.


The hilly village of Arcangues welcomes you in an idyllic setting in southwestern France. According to regulars, its picturesque city center is one of the places of interest to see in the Basque Country. The Achtal inn also deserves a visit, as does the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. You will find: local architecture, a view of La Rhune and the magnificent Arcangues golf course, a beautiful square with the fronton and the church, this tiny village is worth seeing.

The 4 Emblematic Activities of the Basque Country

French Basque Country is a must-visit destination in southwestern France and located at the foot of the Pyrenees. In addition to visits, the Basque Country is full of fun activities to do alone or in a group.

Explore Saint-Jean-de-Luz

How about exploring Saint-Jean-de-Luz, one of the most beautiful cities to see in the French Basque Country? Discover its authentic fishing port. Its Socoa fort will also charm you with its panoramic view of the city. Nature lovers, the Sainte-Barbe point of Saint-Jean-de-Luz welcomes you in a green setting.

Visit the villa Arnaga in Cambo-les-Bains and discover its treasure hunt

Need a relaxing day? Relax in the springs of Cambo-les-Bains, a flagship city of the Basque Country. Once refreshed, go admire the magnificent villa Arnaga, one of the must-see sites to visit in the Basque Country. It houses a museum dedicated to Edmond Rostand, enhanced by a treasure hunt to do with family and children.

Discover the Château d’Abbadia in Hendaye

Passionate about Basque culture and traditions? Head to Hendaye, one of the largest cities in the Basque Country. A cultural visit is essential to the majestic Château d’Abbadia. Alone or in a group, discover the unique architecture of this famous monument of the Basque Country. From the top of its tower, admire the incredible view of the ocean and the Pyrenees mountains!

Explore the Hermione in Bayonne and discover its history

Bayonne, another must-see city in the French Basque Country, offers many interesting activities. Keep some time to discover the extraordinary history of the Hermione, the replica of an 18th-century French ship that has become a museum-ship dedicated to the American War of Independence!
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