Nestled between mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, the Basque Country is a territory rich in traditions, history, and heritage. This heritage is revealed not only through its gastronomy, songs, and dances but also through its ancient markets, where time seems to stand still: the flea markets. During your stay in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle at our Basque Country campsite, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the flea markets of the Basque Country to discover numerous treasures.

Les Puces de Quintaou

The Les Puces de Quintaou in Anglet are one of the most renowned flea markets in the Basque Country region. Located near Biarritz, these flea markets are a must-visit for antique lovers, bargain hunters, and anyone who appreciates the art of discovery, bringing together more than 150 professional and private exhibitors. Like any large flea market, Les Puces de Quintaou are brimming with a multitude of diverse objects, from vintage jewelry to antique furniture, rare books, and art objects. Les Puces de Quintaou are usually held regularly, often on Thursdays and Sundays, offering several opportunities each month to discover new treasures.

Cambo-les-Bains Flea Market

The Cambo-les-Bains flea market is another iconic location for antique lovers and bargain hunters in the Basque Country. Located in this charming spa town, the market reflects the charm and cultural richness of the region. Although the dates may vary from year to year, the Cambo-les-Bains flea market is generally a seasonal event, attracting many visitors, both locals and tourists, during the warmer months.

Saint-Esprit Flea Market in Bayonne

The Saint Esprit flea market in Bayonne is a must-visit event for locals and visitors to the Basque Country, taking place every first Saturday of the month. Located in the historic district of Saint Esprit, it offers a unique atmosphere, imbued with the friendly and warm spirit characteristic of the region. You’ll find vintage toys, retro clothing, books, jewelry, crockery, furniture… the choice is vast, allowing every visitor to find something to their liking.

Guéthary Flea Market

The Guéthary flea market, located between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, is a popular event for both local residents and tourists. Guéthary, with its charm as a small fishing village and its bohemian atmosphere, provides an idyllic setting for a flea market. Like any good flea market, the Guéthary flea market offers a multitude of treasures: art objects, jewelry, vintage furniture, clothing, comics, as well as paintings and photographs. It is not uncommon for local musicians to come and animate the flea market, adding a festive touch to the event.

Les Docks de la Négresse Flea Market

The Les Docks de la Négresse flea market in Biarritz is one of the must-visit destinations for antique lovers and bargain hunters visiting the Basque Country. Close to the Biarritz train station, Les Docks de la Négresse are easily accessible, whether for locals or passing tourists. With a variety of exhibitors, this flea market offers a veritable treasure trove for those seeking rare objects, whether it be period furniture, art pieces, antique jewelry, or rare vinyl records. Additionally, this flea market, which brings together around thirty professional exhibitors, aims to be a friendly and warm event.

Bayonne Flea Market

The Bayonne flea market is a true gathering place for antique lovers and curious treasure hunters. Located in the heart of Bayonne, this flea market benefits from an exceptional setting, between the banks of the Adour River and the historic heart of the city and takes place every Friday morning from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. along the quai chaho and the esplanade roland-barthes, where over thirty professional antique dealers unpack their wares for the pleasure of bargain hunters and the curious.

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